Wednesday, July 8, 2009

good lord, i haven't posted anything here in a while. I'm going to minnesota for like 6 weeks or something but when i come back i should make a real post! i've done a lot of school projects and actual worthwhile pictures lately (i did a series of ladies that look like dogs for school, they're pretty badass) but for the time being i'll tide you over with some crappy oekaki doodles. I seem to use the computer for my drawings a lot more during the summer than during the school year, is that weird? haha my sketchbooks usually sit untouched from may through september.
sloppy drawing i did last night. lester looks really boring compared to syver, i like syver's sweater.

growlithe!! yay pokemon!!
another sloppy one, i hated this one sooo bad when i drew it now im really fond of it despite all the mistakes

sergei looking cool as always


Eddie Fitzgerald said...

Hey Dobie! Thanks for the nice note you wrote on my blog! Do you think I could post some of your drawings...with attribution and a link of course!

Dobie said...

(extremely late comment, sorry, I was on vacation forever) but yes, of course! I'd be thrilled!