Saturday, August 22, 2009

dog ladies

heres a project i did for school, the assignment was "fifteen" and we had to do 15 different pieces on a theme, so i did LADIES THAT LOOK LIKE THEIR DOGS!! apparently i did it wrong because what my art teacher actually wanted us to do was take the exact same subject/picture/whatever and draw it 15 different ways, like different colors media etc. I think that's a waste of time. I like my project better.

italian greyhound
irish setter
bull terrier
boston terrier
basset hound
airedale terrier

this isn't all 15, some of them i did a really bad job on and they're just too ugly to upload. actually looking back on these none of them are that great. i tried to steer clear of the really generic dog breeds that everyone uses for these kinds of things: like poodles and old ladies or afghans and ladies with really long hair. i think i did a good job with that, at least.

mug shots

oh woo hoo i'm back!!!
these are some drawings i did in april, my mom gave me this book of mugshots for easter so they're pretty old.

none of them are very fun/experimental but it was good practice :(