Sunday, February 22, 2009

lots of crap

another "wow it's been a while since i've posted," another post!
lets start off with some oekaki art
i was on a water-and-swimming kick the other night. i miss pools and summer!
syver and lester snorkelling in a kiddy pool. i really like how this came out even though the drawing itself has a lot of mistakes like the perspective on the snorkels etc
two girls in what looks like a pool at hampton inn (i love hotel pools!)
athletic swimmer girl
random couple with a color scheme i like
syver lounging in his basement, adorned with bean bag chairs and pictures of ... gumball machines....

happy shiba inus

cheesy little sergei telling "a scary story"

various sergeis
the other day i realized that my art teacher has a few old yearbooks (old as in 99 through 02 not old-old) on his bookshelf
these are from the class of 2000:

dmitro obraz was an accomplished piano player, i am sure of it. david painter was a real cutie but i messed up his chin, i swear to god he doesnt actually have a chin like that ...

jesse knight was awesome he looked like he loved peanut butter sandwiches (no jelly) masen scofield looks like a gentle soul...

but my mockery of franklin high denizens is not isolated to the past! behold, my new series: real school specimens!!!
these have become quite a hit among my friends (brag brag) because they love recognizing the people and suggesting more weirdos for me to draw.

these are awfully mean but i hope you appreciate them!!

i've only seen this girl once, she might be a figment of my imagination. tall and thin with blonde hair, she would be what maybe people with bad observation skills would call pretty but she was just really weird and ethereal looking(in the bad way). she had red little eyes and slumped when she walked, letting her tendrilly little arms and legs sway and intermingle. what a creature!!! she seemed seaweedy to me, so i call her swamp girl.

this physics-defying boy has by and large the MOST FASCINATING LOOKING BODY ON THE PLANET, it is extremely extremely long and tall, his torso goes on far longer than nature would allow, and from the side it is very flat and it just kind of looks like nothing is underneath his shirt. i don't know how he's put together at all!! he looks like a floating pair of shoulders like those one mannequins, and about 6 feet beneath are a pair of shoes and there is nothing in between the shoes and the shoulders, just air ... and his clothes just billow in the breeze....
this one is less in-depth because i had to draw it on the sly, he is in my drawing class and i kept sneaking glances across the room and drawing him when he wasn't looking. he has a very big forehead and goat eyes. he looks a lot older than he is, he looks like a miniature 40 year old. his hair curls around the side of his face in a weird way
this girl wears cat ears all the time and came to school in naruto cosplay during spirit week. she wears an akatsuki cloak to school at least once a week. she hangs out with a lot of girls who are similarly shaped and they are all very short and wide and they waddle through the school like a flock of anime-loving ducks.

this kid is no run-of-the-mill emo boy, he is the HUMAN EMBODIMENT OF SADNESS and i mean it, no matter what he is doing he makes everything go cold, one time i saw him in the hallway and he was smiling but it still made my heart break, he makes you feel sad even when he smiles. the existance of black holes has been proven with this young man.

this kid has lots of notes on his because everyone seems to know who he is and keeps giving me their own detailed observations of his unhealthy-looking head.
also he has a very shiny forehead which i was unfortunately not able to show here. he hangs out with a sometimes-crossdresser who wears a pink hoodie with bunnies ears and a tail i have heard they are both very nice people and i don't doubt it but god they're funny looking...

and this is a chart of moustaches. a few models are based off of real people but nothing special
high school boys, please shave your moustaches. no one thinks they are cute...and this is coming from someone who actually likes facial hair on guys...

leszeck looking mopey, probably because my pens exploded with ink so many times while drawing this
a delightful self portrait syver and lester as burgess shale fauna
i was recently invited to the rare and exclusive village of dog nose men where i was allowed to scientifically examine and record them
the hat and coat are inspired by my mom's hat and coat which are like identical except my mom doesn't look like this sad old british lady and she doesn't have an airedale
syver and lester as charming babies
a domestic dispute, dont ask me why she's sitting on the floor cuz i don't know. it's so he can kick her in the face hahhahaa..............

some chicas
ohhh no asian girl's ear is back too far on her head!! whoopsie
i did these while i was falling asleep, like, literally
i found this guy in my dad's college yearbook. what an unfortunate beast!!!

tiny grahams
a lovely drawing of chrostone grogg
chrostone's dog simon and my dog china
syver and lester best friends for life!!!
every time i post here i tend to put like a million pictures together in one huge bloated post, it's not cool...

Thursday, February 12, 2009

oekaki art from now to december... going backwards in time!!!

various vladimir putin caricatures (the little one in the middle is the best)
kind of-bad caricature of someone i knew in elementary school who i saw in a west side story play last week
his nose is messed up looking
trees and highway in the summer!
i cant decide if i hate this one or like it
my friends from school
syver and lester trying to impersonate each other

i draw so many syvers and lesters...
yeah naruto

this is leszeck my new character i almost feel like i gave him this face to punish myself it's extremely hard to pull off from different angles because it's very wide and flat but it's kind of fun trying anyways
i like this one a lot even though it took like 3 minutes
damn cat
too dark i hate the colors
scene girl old english sheepdog girl
norwegian forest cat guy
siamese guy
baby's hand bothers me it looks like she's waving at him in her sleep.... also too dark i need to learn how to color night scenes better
these are apraxia's characters
syver and lester as mermaids
lester makes a good head rest
barn owls