Tuesday, December 30, 2008

odds n ends

just a bunch of recent crap i want out of the way, its a little bit like a YEAR-END CLEARANCE SALE
some of my characters, i love doing sketches like this where i block it in with the big marker first and then draw it, i think it makes the pose clearer

same for garlic graham and angie. i did roslin and olivier and the girl but that was about where my drawing skills petered out for the night and they look like total crap

i have about 500 of these yearbook caricatures from the 40s, i only have a few scanned in though. HAVE A SNEEK PEEK!

fat little gouache experiments, i kind of like the guy but the girl's face got all messed up. gouache is a lot harder than i thought it was going to be hahaha maybe i'm taking the wrong approach.

oh sergei i've kind of missed drawing you! actually no, i don't miss your scrunchy face that seems to be going off into nowheresville and your shitty looking right arm. you always make that awful scrunchy face.

gouache leftovers make for a creepy syver sweater

lester being boring, i was trying to get some alright construction going on for his face but i kind of forgot about it when i got to the body haha. im not even sure how successful the face is either.

french bulldog with some awkward ink stains on the back side. if only they were better placed they could actually look like those funny skins markings they get underneath their fur

FASHION MAVENS WHOO ok i actually kind of like this one, it was a good idea but inking with brushes is still hard work it's so wet and messy and hard to control.

this is girlfrand and boyfrand

i dont remember the ink being so smudgy and awkward when i was drawing it. huh.

custama sehvurce

this is kind of sloppy and terrible and i wrote it at like 1am some night a few months ago but i dont feel like my blog is complete without this comic
melting woman is my favorite person


i drew some baseball players, i wish i could get better pics of them though (they're on kind of big pieces of paper)

man looking back i already kind of hate them, they could have been a lot more exaggerated and funny i just didn't try hard enough. at least they were like really fast so i didn't waste a lot of time on them. my favorite is the fatty one in red because he's actually doing something haha

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

xmas time

ohohohoh happy almost-christmas my delites!
I bring you lots of santas:

i've got a problem with my icon. i hate this old flashing one but it wont let me upload a new one. every time i click 'change photo' the little button for uploading a new one comes up only for a second and then flashes away. IT'S TEASING ME I want to cry

Saturday, December 20, 2008

some traditional stuff

gay little furry

from hel-looks.com

my dog, this is SO old

yodel man

marker and acrylic on wood ... it looks a lot better in real life


from hel-looks.com again



from a fruits book

from fresh fruits

acrylic painting, man this is a shitty photo of it

this was like my first goauche experiment, its terrible


what's all this shit

lots of oekaki drawings
some are tragically old i dont know why im posting them here

this last one here is pheonix and edgeworth from phoenix wright
the rest are all my characters
so many syvers. ): REPETIIIIVE UGHH!