Thursday, February 12, 2009

oekaki art from now to december... going backwards in time!!!

various vladimir putin caricatures (the little one in the middle is the best)
kind of-bad caricature of someone i knew in elementary school who i saw in a west side story play last week
his nose is messed up looking
trees and highway in the summer!
i cant decide if i hate this one or like it
my friends from school
syver and lester trying to impersonate each other

i draw so many syvers and lesters...
yeah naruto

this is leszeck my new character i almost feel like i gave him this face to punish myself it's extremely hard to pull off from different angles because it's very wide and flat but it's kind of fun trying anyways
i like this one a lot even though it took like 3 minutes
damn cat
too dark i hate the colors
scene girl old english sheepdog girl
norwegian forest cat guy
siamese guy
baby's hand bothers me it looks like she's waving at him in her sleep.... also too dark i need to learn how to color night scenes better
these are apraxia's characters
syver and lester as mermaids
lester makes a good head rest
barn owls

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Janice said...

I love your take on the Naruto characters - very creative! Also your animals are such a treat to look at! And the people who look like their pets are fantastic.